19 May 2012

Summer So Far

Working. Second shift. So tired. And physically demanding. There's something satisfying (post facto) in doing physical labour, though, and I work with Janelle, so that's fabulous!
Also doggie! We have a new pup at our house! She likes digging and walks and chewing on things and being silly and we love her. Most of my pictures of her are blurry; she loves moving and, as soon as I get my camera out, she has to come investigate. After I get more pictures, there will be some on here because she is just so precious!
So, yes! Doggie and work. That's life so far, for the most part. They're taking all of my time.

05 May 2012

I'm Baaaaaack!

I can not yet promise that I'll be perfectly regular in my posting, but thanks to my sister blog, This Is Summer, I am back in the game!

I had a great end to the semester (with a few notable exceptions that may come up later) and now I'm ready to relax and play and have fun with my family and friends and those I love!

I'm looking forward to being back on track. I have so many things planned: Psych marathons, attempting to exercise, photography, connecting with friends and family, a job (I hope!), and more. And you poor creatures are stuck hearing about them! So wait and see, because things will sure be getting...interesting around here!