31 August 2012

Photography Tips (from a Mediocre Hobbyist) #1

I have a DSLR and I enjoy it. I (mostly) know how to work it and I love taking pictures. Some of them are pretty good, most are just kind of okay. I'm learning, though, about the photography and about the life that goes with it. The tips I'll share with you are probably things you already know but that may not have occurred to you. My target audience is anyone who takes pictures, be it with a fancy camera or just with your camera phone.

So here's tip number one: angles.

For me, this translate to lying on the ground but it may be different for you. Pictures from head on tend to be less exciting and there's a good chance that many others have taken what amounts to basically the exact same photo. If you look at the subject from a different angle, however, this makes it intriguing and gives the viewer more to look at. It makes your photographs (and you) stand out.

With people, pictures taken from the side or above are often much more flattering. I avoid photos from below with people, though, as it's generally an awkward view of nostrils and unattractive chins.

So that's my wisdom (??) for now. Stay tuned for more and feel free to ask questions or suggest things (like your favourite angle or your best tip) in the comments!