13 December 2011

Finals Week Haikus

Haikus for each of my classes and some about finals week in general:

Class about "real life"
Do I really need to know
This much about porn?!

We don't quite know what they are
Or how to use them.

Inferential stats
My P-value is
NOT significant.

Marx, Goffman, Foucault
Your theories change over time
You give me some hope

Mental disorders
You probably DON'T have one
So stop your whining

What? No, I can't come!
I've got three finals today!
Ask some time next week.

One final to go
And then I can go back home
And sleep for three weeks.

I don't think this test
Measures what you want it to
(i.e., what we learned).

Okay, now it's your turn!  Haikus about finals, stress in general, or just the week you've been having, please!

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