08 December 2011

More Gay Penguins!

In light of my recent story about the gay penguin couple that was separated (and subsequently reunited) in Toronto, I wanted to post more good news of a story reported by Time Magazine's website of a zoo in China.

Harbin Polar Land in China not only allowed their gay penguins to stay together but they also threw a wedding (even giving them outfits in the traditional Chinese wedding color, red) for them. Further, they gave them a chick to raise! The chick had been one of two that a female was struggling to raise (I've babysat twins, they are QUITE a handful...and penguins don't even have hands) and the keepers through that, since the gay penguins (Steve and Adam) had tried to steal eggs in the past, it would be a good chance to share some parenting skills and make everyone a little happier.

Contrast this to Toronto, who separated the penguins for "breeding purposes."

I think they're adorable and I'm glad to see how well this works out for all the parties involved. Also, it's adorable.

I would love to hear some other opinions!

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