16 November 2011

Confusion Abounds

My part-time, on-campus job requires me to go to a lot of different classrooms in many different buildings. Since it's a huge city campus, there are a ton of buildings and, since a lot of buildings (or floors/areas of buildings) are specialized to different subjects, I've never been in many of them before. This means I do a lot of looking at maps of campus. I've gotten pretty good at knowing where rooms will be but it can be challenging sometimes.

Take yesterday, for example.
I was told to go to the science building and go to room 12, which would be a classroom for more than 100 students. Fine, I knew where the building was and, even though I'd never been in it, I figured it would be easy enough to find the room.
I walked up the hill to the building and went in. All of the rooms were in the 100s and so I figured that I'd go down a floor to find the double digit rooms. The buildings here are laid out like that:  100s on the first floor, 200s on the second, etc. Sometimes we have a "ground" floor with single and/or double digit rooms but sometimes we don't (a mix of the European and American systems).
I went down the stairs and got to the ground floor and found a room called G-12. This was surprising to me because normally the room number I'm given will indicate any prefixes like that. I peeked in through the window and saw--a (VERY) small lab. It could barely accommodate ten people, let alone close to two hundred.

A little worried at this point, I went up to the library:
Me:  I'm going to ask what is probably a very stupid question.
Student librarians: [look at each other] Okay, that's what we're here for
Me: Where is room 12?!
Student Librarians: [giggle] They *just* renumbered them. In the middle of the semester. They're one of the auditoriums over there

I walk over and, lo and behold, see a workman prying off the little plaque that says "Room 12" and putting one with "Room 152" in its place.
I guess I'm glad I got there early!

Anyway, that's kind of how life's going. Terribly confusing, a bit stressful, but also hilarious.

I don't even know if this makes any sense; it's just how my life is going right now.
How's your life? Any stress or confusing that is hilarious when you sit back and look at it?
Do you think a school should change classroom numbers in the middle of the semester without telling the students?
(I'm not going to lie, I'm looking for validation of my feelings in that last one.)

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