30 November 2011

I have:

Two weeks and a day until I'm home for the holidays (and get to see my family and friends)
One week until my first (two) final(s)
One week and two days left of work
Two more church services in which to sing this semester
One more handbell concert
Four things that I want to do on Thursday...all at the same time
Four examinations (only one cumulative, thank goodness!) and a take-home essay test coming up
Written a 9 page (maximum limit:  8 pages...oops!) paper on Venezuela and the U.S.
Flipped back and forth between frantic and freaked out and completely mellow and relaxed
Still not decided about which finals I'm worried
Quite a few people for whom I still need to figure out/acquire gifts for the holidays
Two museums and a botanical garden to visit before I go home
Melted snowflakes on my jacket
Not yet figured out how I feel about said snowflakes
Approximately 200 sheets of paper in my backpack
A wocket in my pocket

...okay, that last one's a lie. But I wish it were true.

Things are getting crazy because they're winding down (and the winding down is a bit too fast for those affected, hence the crazies) and it's exciting to see how little I have left to do and yet how much. It's a fairly short amount of time but it's jam-packed with exams and activities (both of my choosing and not so much).
And I'm mostly loving it. Probably because I do know that I'll get a break soon.

What stands between you and your winter holiday of choice (even if it's just a day or two off from work)? How was your Thanksgiving? To what are you most looking forward this winter?

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