09 January 2012

The internet

Can be wonderful or horrid. It delivers news both good at bad, it can frustrate you or make you smile, it can suck you in and take your life or it can improve your day.

I've been feeling down for the last few days for a myriad of reasons and I popped onto the forums of a site that I read daily. Now, I comment on posts occasionally and had only been in the forum once or twice before but when I posted about feeling sad, there was an outpouring of both support and attempts to cheer me up. People talked about how they'd be in a similar situation and gotten through it, they told me to hang in there, they sent pictures of adorable animals and generally hilarious pictures and videos.

I had never really spoken to any of these people, I don't have a connection with them, necessarily but they were still there.
And that speaks a lot for the goodness of people, I think (and a major supporting point for the internet). We hear about kids getting bullied and the stereotype of internet commenters being rude to the point of cruelty, but that's not all that it is.

It's something much, much better.

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