06 November 2012

Thankful Tuesdays

It's November, the month of Thanksgiving! Because of this, and because I think that everyone needs to count their blessings, I am instituting Thankful Tuesdays.
(Okay, Thankful Thursdays would sound better but I actually have time on Tuesdays.)

So, today's the 6th, so here's a thing for each day so far this month; they're related to my activities of that day.

(I watched bad movies a few days this month already and couldn't decide where to put it. Since there are WAY more than enough things for other days, I'll just say it: I am thankful for hilariously awful movies! This is from Shark Attack 3: Megalodon)

1st November: I am thankful for the opportunity to get an incredible education, even if it feels miserable and stressful sometimes.
2nd November: I am thankful for tea. During Sandy's reign of damp and cold, I was averaging 1.75 pots of tea a day.
3rd November: I am thankful for a wonderful family. We enjoy being around each other, we do things for each other, and everyone's loving and supportive. I'm so grateful for that.
4th November: I am thankful for living in a city with opportunities to experience other cultures.
5th November: I am thankful for chocolate. When it has been a stock example of "one of those days," chocolate's a great help.
6th November: I am thankful for the ability to express my political opinion without fear of retribution. I voted, did you?

(Picture from here)

What has made you feel thankful today?

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